1000kw 1200kw Wood Waste syngas generator

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AC Three Phase
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Shandong, China
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500/600rpm, 500/600rpm
Wood Gas
1 Year
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Supply Ability:
100 Set/Sets per Year 1000kw 1200kw Wood Waste syngas generator
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Packaging Details
1000kw 1200kw Wood Waste syngas generator
1 mw Refuse Derived Fuel Biomass generating set
1 mw Biomass generating set for power plant
standard export woodbox Packing 600kw wood pellet electric generator
8300DJ-3 600kw wood pellet electric generator
Pine Wood/City Waste Biomass Generator Set
1000kva 800kw Syngas gas generator Engine
CCHP Thermoelectric CHP Biomass Generator

1000kw 1200kw  Wood Waste syngas generator




1.Supply power from 10KW to 1000KW
2. Advanced Control Panel
3. Water-cooled engine
4. Service OEM Offer
5. alternator brand : Stanford, Marathon, Engga, Simens, Leroy-Somer etc.



Product Overviews

Lvhuan gas genset is a new green environmental product which meets demands of world environment protection and market. 

With domestic advanced technology, our genset possesses features of speedy start, easy to operate, complete models, etc. 


a. Biomass exists in various forms, like wood, crop( straws of rice, wheat, bean, cotton, husk,etc), weeds, algae, etc, in the plants. Others like animal wastes spoil and the organic exist in waste water and rubbish etc.

Now there are mainly three ways to generate power with biomass: gasify generating, burning generating, CHP technology. In China, we are rich in the resources of biomass, but lack in the power supply. So our country can supply a vast stage to show the advantage and economy to generate power with biomass.

Shandong Lvhuan Power Equipment Co.,Ltd is a pioneer and practitioner in green energy and renewable resources.

 b. Biomass is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms. It most often refers to plants or plant-based materials which are specifically called lignocellulosic biomass. As an energy source, biomass can be used directly via combustion to produce heat. It is a renewable energy source, For the use of the term in ecology.

Shandong Lvhuan Power Equipment Co.,Ltd is a pioneer and practitioner in green energy and renewable resources.

 Main composition of biomass gas:

After being gasified, the basis of gas is CO(20%), H2(9%), CH4(12%),CO2(12%), N2(52%), The lower heating value is 5-6 MJ/Nm3.

Efficiency of gasification:1 kg dried material can generate 2 Nm3 gas, conversation rate is more than 85%. 1 kg dry material can generate 1 kw.h power.


Requirements for biomass gas:

Within 1m from pressure regulating value of gas intake;

Gas temperature<40

The ratio of CH4 in natural gas >70%;

Pressure of natural gas: 3--10 kpa, rate of pressure change <1 kpa/min;



Tar content20mg/ Nm3;

Moisture content 40g/Nm3;

Impurity particle size 5µm, impurity content 30 mg/Nm3

Heat value4.2MJ/Nm3

Genset ModelEngine modelAlternator BrandRated PowerRated SpeedCynlinder No.Bore*Stroke(mm)Displacement(L)Heat consumption(MJ/KW.H)Oil consumption(g/kw.h)Starting ModeSize(mm)Net Weight(kg)
LHBMG10LH2110Chinese Stanford1015002110*1172.24≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor1450x700x1100700
LHBMG20LH4100Chinese Stanford2015004100*1153.61≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor1650x720x1250750
LHBMG30LH4105Chinese Stanford3015004105*1254.33≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor2100x900x1200950
LHBMG40LH6105Chinese Stanford4015006105*1256.49≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor2300x1000x14501250
LHBMG50LH6105Chinese Stanford5015006105*1256.49≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor2300x1000x14801350
LHBMG60LH4135Chinese Stanford6015004135*1508.6≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor2300x1000x14501450
LHBMG70LH6135Chinese Stanford7015006135*15012.9≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor2850x1100x17001800
LHBMG80LH6135Chinese Stanford8015006135*15012.9≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor2850x1100x17001800
LHBMG90LH6135Chinese Stanford9015006135*15012.9≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor2850x1100x17501900
LHBMG100LH6135Chinese Stanford10015006135*15012.9≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor2850x1100x17501900
LHBMG120LH12V135Chinese Stanford120150012135*15025.8≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor3200x1350x17502800
LHBMG140LH12V135Chinese Stanford140150012135*15025.8≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor3200x1350x17502900
LHBMG150LH12V135Chinese Stanford150150012135*15025.8≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor3200x1350x17502900
LHBMG180LH12V135Chinese Stanford180150012135*15025.8≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor3200x1350x17503100
LHBMG200LH12V135Chinese Stanford200150012135*15025.8≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor3250x1450x21403200
LHBMG250LH12V138Chinese Stanford250150012138*15026.9≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor3250x1450x21403300
LHBMG300LH6190Siemens30010006190*21032≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor5300x1970x21708200
LHBMG350LH12V190Siemens350100012190*21071.4≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor6200x2100x265011000
LHBMG400G12V190ZLDTSiemens400100012190*21071.4≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor6200x2100x265012000
LHBMG500G12V190ZLDT-2Siemens500100012190*21071.4≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor6200x2100x280012500
LHBMG600G12V190ZLDT-2Siemens600100012190*21071.4≤11≤1.0DC 24V electric motor6200x2100x280012500


Parameter of Biomass Generator Sets
Model Number (Engine Type)LH-12v135LH-6190LH-12v190LH-12v190T
Prime power/Standby power100-200KVA200-350KVA350-400KVA450-600KVA
Rated Speed1500r/min1000r/min1000r/min1000r/min
Rated Frequency50Hz/60Hz50Hz/60Hz50Hz/60Hz50Hz/60Hz
Rated Voltage400V/230V400V/230V400V/230V400V/230V
PhaseAC 3-Phase, 4 wireAC 3-Phase, 4 wireAC 3-Phase, 4 wireAC 3-Phase, 4 wire
Voltage Stability≤±2%≤±2%≤±2%≤±2%
Voltage transient≤±10%≤±10%≤±10%≤±10%
Voltage Stable time≤1≤1≤1≤1
Heat consumption≤9.8mj/kw.h≤9.8mj/kw.h≤9.8mj/kw.h≤9.8mj/kw.h
Lubricant consumption≤1.63g/kw.h≤1.63g/kw.h≤1.63g/kw.h≤1.63g/kw.h
Engine Capacity25.8 L32 L71.4 L71.4 L
Cylinder Number12v612v12v
Cylinder Bore135mm190mm190mm190mm
Starting SystemDC 24V electic motorDC 24V electic motorDC 24V electic motorDC 24V electic motor
Cooling methodwater coolerwater coolerwater coolerwater cooler
Lubricant methodPassive and flying lubricantPassive and flying lubricantPassive and flying lubricantPassive and flying lubricant
Isolation classHHHH
Power Factor0.8 lagging0.8 lagging0.8 lagging0.8 lagging
Exciting methodbrushlessbrushlessbrushlessbrushless
CertificatesISO 9001:2008, CEISO 9001:2008, CEISO 9001:2008, CEISO 9001:2008, CE
Warranty1 year or 1500 running hours1 year or 1500 running hours1 year or 1500 running hours1 year or 1500 running hours



Ignition system:We adopt ignition system of magneto which produced by American ALTRONIC company,including:magneto,high-tension coil,sparking plug.

Starting system: DC24V electric motor,12v190 adopt ST710 of direct-current.

Pressure charging system:Pulse Mixed-flow  supercharger, compression  ration is  1:8,meet engine's  requirement   for gas-flow rate.

Speed regulating system:EGS gas controller of American WOODWARD Company.

scope of application:Biogas generator set is widely used in the many area where can generate biogas,like rubbish landfill,livestock excrement disposal,industrial organism disposal.




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Spare parts for generator sets




Company Information

Our company overview:


Our company technology advantage:

1.   Enalbing high-, medium-and low-voltage output, which lowers the initial investment and operation cost.

2.   Continuous and stable rated can be put out with assurance of the great cylinder diameter.

3.  Low-speed rotation lengthens the service life of the engine sets.

4.  The unsupercharged sets with natural aspiration are suitable for a wide range of gas and have a low error rate.

5.   The in-line structure simplifiers the layout of the engines and facilitates maintenance.

6.    There are several defense lines to guarantee safe and efficient use of fuel gas.

7 .   The surplus heat is recycled to realize the utility of cogeneration.

8  .  The computerized monitoring management system enables online monitoring and automatic control.

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Packaging & Shipping





1.How to choose the right model? 

   A: It depends on continuous output power, Voltage, Frequency and fuel type.  Please tell me what fuel (natural gas, biogas, biomass gas,wood syngas, methane,coal gas) or raw material(like wood, grass, nutshell and so on) The right model of generator will be recommend soon.

Me and our engineers are always available at your service.


 2.What is the oil consumption and capacity per hour? 

  A: 1.0-1.63g of lubricant oil consumption per hour. 

1.0 Cubic meter gas can produce 1.5-3.0kw/h power. The capacity depends on gas energy(Kcal). E.g 1.0 Cubic meter natural gas produce about 3.0-4.0kw/h  


3.What is the overhaul? 

   A: About 30000 working hours. A week is enough to finish.  We offer manual for weekly, monthly and overhaul maintenance.


4. What is the warranty? 

    A: 1 year. Inside this 1 year, we offer all spare parts free of charge. After this period, spare      parts are not free. What's more, a set of spare parts will be shipped together with generator set free of charge.  


5. How is the after sale service and maintenance? 

A: We offer installation,repair and maintain service abroad. And online guide service if needed anytime. Our before-sale, in-sale and after-sale service are all trustable, you can name it.


6. What products we offer?

Biomass gasifier,Biomass/syngas generator,biogas generator,Natural gas(CNG,LNG) / methane generator,Coal gas generator,Diesel generator.

Generators can parallel together to form large power, E.g. 5 sets 400kw biomass generator form 2000kw biomass generator system.



Our Services

Our Services :

1.Pre-sale service:

A.Our engineers are available for onsite prospect before installation free to charge.

B. Foundation drawing and detailed Dimension free form us.

2.In-sale service:

A. Onsite overall guide installation,operation and maintenance training . 

B. Assistance and instruction of trial running. 

3.After-sale service: 

A.Our every engineers are in charge of different area,we will response periodically and support you 

technical service free of charge,

B.For the quality problem, we will service for you free of charge during the guarantee period.

C.One year guarantee period and lifetime service.

D.we solve quality problem in time when genset doesn’t work,We insure to help our clients to gain

4.Spare parts service: 

A.All spares parts on our gensets supplied by us. 

B. Free spare parts together with genset when shipping.

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